Network monitoring with NTOPng

In our academic institution we have a pretty complex network with ~50 VLANs, few DHCP and DNS servers; and the requisite for monitoring and logging our traffic. Traffic from our main router Mikrotik CCR1036-8G-2S+ is collected, forwarded, and logged onto separate server. Server runs Debian Jessie operating system and ntopng + nprobe packages.

Recovering RAID array on Synology DiskStation DS413j

I recieved a dead Synology DiskStation DS413j with some corporate files on it. Should I mention that those files were important ?! And yea, they didn't have backups ... 

Initially after plugging in ethernet cable and powercord, I wasn't able to boot it up. It just stuck up with a blue-ring-of-dead (main blue LED kept flashing all the time, hard disks LEDs have been turned off). Hm .. I logged in my home router to see if there is a DHCP IP lease for diskstation, but nothing. It didn't look promising ...

PXEboot with OpenWRT

How to boot/install a bunch of servers over the network with a router ? This is how ...

Openwrt is awesome and free, and I'm sure that your router will like it as I did. Also I'm sure that you have some free-spare-conference-usb-keychain (1GB will be enough), and of course internet connection is needed.

Install OpenVPN on Debian Jessie

OpenVPN is an SSL/TLS VPN solution. It is able to traverse NAT connections and firewalls. In this tutorial I'll show you how to install and configure a OpenVPN server to route all clients requests/traffic through the server. You should purchase a LOW COST VPS (1vcpu,128M,5G should be enough, FLAT bandwidth is preferred) with a TUN interface support.

T-Com (UltraMAX) FTTH with OpenWRT

In our country (Croatia) fiber internet connection became afordable to the home user. For about $50 per month, you will get 100/20 mbit/s DL/UL speed with FLAT bandwidth.

Usually they will ship shitty equipment, like it was in my case. ZTE ZXDSL931VII was meant to be the main router and TP-Link TX-6610 as GPON terminal.

Drupalize - deploy drupal site(s) on debian with ansible from scratch

Imagine you ordered a virtual machine and you want to host your own drupal site(s) ... Umm and it should be done with one command?! Ansible is way to do it. I wouldn't talk much about ansible and how to use it in general (google is your friend), I just wanted to share my ansible-playbook.


Playbook has 4 roles: