Raspberry Pi as "ADBLOCK" box for the entire network

These days most of us have multiple devices connected to the internet. AD campaigns are so evil and boring. Instead of installing some AD block extension on each device, I'm using dnsmasq service (lightweight DHCP and DNS server) which is installed on a Raspberry Pi. Dnsmasq blocks ADs based on DNS queries for the entire network. Distribution on RaspberryPi is Raspbian.

HTTP/2 with NGINX on Debian Jessie

Today I upgraded my web server to support HTTP/2 protocol. It is the first major upgrade to the HTTP protocol in over 15 years and should speed up your website. It also has the ability to use a single TCP connection from a browser to a website. NGINX experimentally introduced HTTP/2 in version 1.9.5 (September 2015). 

Network monitoring with NTOPng

In our academic institution we have a pretty complex network with ~50 VLANs, few DHCP and DNS servers; and the requisite for monitoring and logging our traffic. Traffic from our main router Mikrotik CCR1036-8G-2S+ is collected, forwarded, and logged onto separate server. Server runs Debian Jessie operating system and ntopng + nprobe packages.

Recovering RAID array on Synology DiskStation DS413j

I recieved a dead Synology DiskStation DS413j with some corporate files on it. Should I mention that those files were important ?! And yea, they didn't have backups ... 

Initially after plugging in ethernet cable and powercord, I wasn't able to boot it up. It just stuck up with a blue-ring-of-dead (main blue LED kept flashing all the time, hard disks LEDs have been turned off). Hm .. I logged in my home router to see if there is a DHCP IP lease for diskstation, but nothing. It didn't look promising ...

PXEboot with OpenWRT

How to boot/install a bunch of servers over the network with a router ? This is how ...

Openwrt is awesome and free, and I'm sure that your router will like it as I did. Also I'm sure that you have some free-spare-conference-usb-keychain (1GB will be enough), and of course internet connection is needed.

Install OpenVPN on Debian Jessie

OpenVPN is an SSL/TLS VPN solution. It is able to traverse NAT connections and firewalls. In this tutorial I'll show you how to install and configure a OpenVPN server to route all clients requests/traffic through the server. You should purchase a LOW COST VPS (1vcpu,128M,5G should be enough, FLAT bandwidth is preferred) with a TUN interface support.

T-Com (UltraMAX) FTTH with OpenWRT

In our country (Croatia) fiber internet connection became afordable to the home user. For about $50 per month, you will get 100/20 mbit/s DL/UL speed with FLAT bandwidth.

Usually they will ship shitty equipment, like it was in my case. ZTE ZXDSL931VII was meant to be the main router and TP-Link TX-6610 as GPON terminal.

Drupalize - deploy drupal site(s) on debian with ansible from scratch

Imagine you ordered a virtual machine and you want to host your own drupal site(s) ... Umm and it should be done with one command?! Ansible is way to do it. I wouldn't talk much about ansible and how to use it in general (google is your friend), I just wanted to share my ansible-playbook.


Playbook has 4 roles:

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